The Golden Vortex Device

Portable vortex & magnetic healing


The Golden Vortex Device recreates the genuine phenomena of a natural vortex, not only the 'shrink and grow effect', also many health benefits.


Golden Vortex (GV) devices are the ultimate new magnetic health and performance products available today. After over 40 years of magnet and vortex research, the ability to configure magnets to harness these natural life supporting vortex sequences was finally achieved. The newest generation GV-II (GV2) models are currently being worn by a fast growing number of today?s top professional athletes and many others to increase natural energy levels, help provide pain relief and speed up recovery times.

Wearers of Golden Vortex GV-II devices most commonly report:


Dan Shaw on the History Channel Brad Meltzer's Decoded Season 2, Episode 13 - Devil's Graveyard, Alaska

12 "Devil's Graveyards" around the world form a geometric pattern. What are these devil's graveyards? Magnetic anomalies? What are vortexes? Is Alaska a Devil's Graveyard? I'm Dan Shaw, a researcher of vortexes, publisher of the EarthStar globe, co-author of the Vortex Field Guide. I was recently featured on Brad Meltzer's Decoded show on the History channel. I demonstrated the Golden Vortex device to Buddy and McKinley ("Mac"), and they were truly impressed. The camera operators also told me (and Brad Meltzer!) that they saw Buddy and McKinley apparently change height. This is not an optical illusion as we usually understand it, due to a slanted background, or to camera angle!

McKinley: "You look taller I swear to God!"

Brad Meltzer: "Believe me this is not some trick of our cameras."

Buddy: "I'm towering over you now!" You can see my delight that it worked... I had just failed to dowse for them.

Shrink & Grow at the Montana Vortex

A natural phenomenon. This is no optical illusion. No camera tricks. Visitors shrink and grow as they change places on a level platform. Fun at Montana Vortex!

Original Golden Vortex: single-sided, fixed-field vortex. White, approximately 1.45 inches (37 mm) diameter.

Elite Golden Vortex: Dynamic wave function, dual-sided vortex device powered by the "GV-II turbo." 33-facet diamond crown design. Natural plant-based medical-grade polymer casing, approximately 1.5 inches (40 mm) diameter. $144

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